Pangea Sports

Pangea Sports is the official sports show of the NYIT Bears. Tune in as hosts Shannon, Pete & Sofia take a closer look into our world of sports, where every week we’ll bring you all the latest updates across NYIT athletics, as well as all the biggest stories, games and plays across professional sports.

Shannon Duer
- Host/writer
Shannon Duer (Do it Like A Duer) was born and raised in one of the safest towns in America- Islip, NY. She is an undergraduate student pursuing a career in sports reporting and journalism, which is what led her to host Pangea Sports. Not only does Shannon love to report about sports, but she loves playing them. Shannon plays on the women’s basketball team here at NYIT.
Fun fact: She has never had a pumpkin spice latte.
Pete Athanasopoulos
- Host//Writer/Graphics
Pete Athanasopoulos (Professional Pete) was born and raised in Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY. Pete is an undergraduate senior about to take the advertising and TV/Radio Production industries by storm. His innovative ideas for graphics and design on Pangea Trending have led him to be the host of the Professional Sports segment on Pangea Sports. His dynamic and animated personality complement his dynamic expertise in sports. He's Greek. His last name is really long. Deal with it
Fun fact: He has a background in the restaurant hospitality industry and has recently founded his own Art company as a freelance artist.

Sofia Evangelista
- Host/Writer
Sofia Evangelista is from the beachy town of Massapequa, NY. She is currently a junior in the communications program. She intends to pursue a career in the sports world or public relations field, which is what led her to be a host on Pangea Sports. Sofia is a pitcher for the NYIT Softball team and enjoys all sports, especially going to professional games.
Fun Fact: She is determined to try every trendy food spot or restaurant in the city.

Crew List
- Yemi Abayomi- Producer/Anycast
- Frank Valentino- Director
- Mateo Alarcon- Audio/Music
- Kim Spiciarich- Social Media/Field Reporter
- Shannon Duer- Host/Writer
- Sofia Evangelista- Host/Writer
- Pete Athanasopoulos- Host/Writer/Graphics