Globesville is NYIT’s student-run web channel. It’s fueled by a network of NYIT students joining with alumni and NYIT students from every global campus.

Globesville Mission:

Globesville’s mission is to provide an interactive news and entertainment network for the NYIT global community. Our student-run web channel is live and interactive using mobile device-driven new journalism. We share stories and report about sports, music, gaming, trends, entertainment, and campus life. We interact with viewers by  ‘skype’ and  stream live events. Globesville offers a showcase for original student work from NYIT’s students and alumni. NYIT’s student-run web channel encourages the NYIT global community – present students, prospective students, alumni and friends of Globesville to be a part of our web channel.​

Globesville Vision:

  • To bring a sense of excitement and pride to NYIT students and alumni by creating, collecting and showcasing original videos and features from the NYIT community
  • To enhance student skills in areas such as program development, artdirection, show production, marketing, networking and interactivity
  • To connect the NYIT global community by providing a media outlet for shared news stories, interactivity, and cultural exchange
  • To embrace multiple social media platforms to increase interaction with a variety of audiences

Globesville Registration information
COMM-370-W02 (127350) Media Wkshop I (Wednesday, 9:30am)
COMM-370-W01 (127349) Media Wkshop I (Thursday, 9:30am)