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If you are a NYIT student: Visit Globesville in Education Hall on the NYIT Old Westbury campus. We broadcast live on Wednesdays and Thursdays . Email us and we'll take you behind the scenes to show you how we produce all original student-run programming.

If you are a High School student: Take a tour of our studios with your class or with your friends or family. Just email us and we'll be glad to show you what we do, and how you can be a part of Globesville.

Here’s what Globesville students say about Globesville:

Shannon Duer - reporter/audio operator: 

"I never imagined myself working behind the scenes of a production until I joined Globesville. The hands on experience I gained is priceless, as I pursue a career as a sports reporter and journalist." 

Jeni Branch - writer/co-host: 

"I especially love that I get to practice several roles for the network such as host, audio operator, director and technical director. It is a remarkable experience and I would recommend anyone to participate. " 

Zach Levatino - producer/director:

“Joining Globesville was the highlight of my college experience because I gained hands on experience in television production. Just two weeks into the class I was producing and directing my very own show.” 

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