Pangea Gaming

Pangea Gaming is Globesville’s source of all things gaming and tech. Hosted by Tyler Nick and Corey, the show covers a variety of things every week, always keeping it fresh and entertaining. Join them as they go over news about your favorite games, news in the tech world, and their weekly discussions. Trailers for upcoming games will be shown and the two of them will either play a singleplayer or co-op game. While gaming may not be your cup of tea, the hosts do make it entertaining to watch as they both clash quite a bit.

Nick Mavros
● Nickname­ - Supersick
● Nick is a super energetic film lover and major that spends most of his time roaming virtual worlds and researching obscure facts on all things gaming, music, and Kevin Smith related. Besides hosting, Nick also creates most of the weekly content for the show and organizes the scheduling of the show.
● Preferred game type -­ Open world
● First game­ - Zelda link to the past
● Other interests­ - Listening to metal and poppunk bands and attending shows.
Tyler Gortakowski
● Nickname - SnXpe
● Tyler is a hardcore gamer. Gaming has been a major influence in his life. From an early age, he adapted quickly to the changing consoles and the changing computer hardware. Computer gaming is probably the most prominent influence in his life. He started off on dialup, playing online games, which has given him the patience he has now. Tyler is known for his tech skills, and has a custom-built computer that he uses for gaming and video editing.
● Preferred Game Type­ - Strategy
● First Game­ Pokemon - Yellow
● Other Interests - Video editing, streaming

Crew List
- Tyler Gortakowski: Executive Producer/Host
- Nick Mavros: Producer/Host
- Dan Iscenko:­­ Anycast 
- Eamonn Lennon: ­Audio