Globesville Campus News

Campus News is a news show that incorporates both community, campus, and world news that resonates with college students. The Campus News will keep you updated on a large variety of topics all students should be aware of. The Campus News also shares fitness tips to keep your body on point all year round no matter how low your bank account is. Also check us out to learn some simple life hacks to make your hectic college life more manageable. 

Trisha Serras
- News Anchor
● Trisha Serras was born and raised in Lindenhurst, NY.  She is a Field reporter for Globesville Campus News and is currently in her senior year here at NYIT. Trisha is a transfer student from Dowling College and she is pursuing a career in sports reporting and journalism. Her passion for sports shows on the field, as she is a four-year starter and the captain of the women’s lacrosse team  at NYIT.
Lauren Noetzel
- Host
● Lauren Noetzel is a field reporter on Globesville Campus News, and this is her first semester in the course. She was born and raised in Garden City Park, NY. Majoring in Advertising and Public Relations in Technology, Lauren is in her senior year at NYIT. She has covered stories such as “Cultural Food Diversity at NYIT” and the 2016 election.
Andrew Brown
- Host
● Andrew Brown AKA “Ab Flexinn” is an anchor on NYIT’s Globesville Campus News.   Andrew  plans to ‘bring the flavor’ to every show he appears in on Globesville. Born in Flatbush Brooklyn,  and raised in West Hempstead, Andrew is a Communication Arts major. He has his hands in many pots including rapping and creating his own clothing brand, Most Proper™ in 2015. Stay tuned for what Ab has next, and will bring to Globesville!.
Rachel Udkow
- Host
● Rachel Udkow is a senior majoring in Communication Arts, she is on the verge of completing the 5-year Communication Arts Masters Program. She is the producer for Globesville's Campus Hour News Show as well as participating as a weekly anchor.

Crew List
- Anna Martinez: Executive Producer/Host
- Erica Brandt: Producer/Host
- Kimathi Witt:­ Director
- Gina Dorso: ­Technical Director
- Andre Doughty:­ Media Producer
- Gio Aguilar: ­Sound